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 800 s oil pressure question

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800 s oil pressure question Empty
PostSubject: 800 s oil pressure question   800 s oil pressure question EmptyMon Mar 25, 2013 9:15 pm

Does anyone know for sure what the idle oil pressure on a 2012 rzr 800 engine should have,I've seen where some were saying about 10 PSI but wasn't sure it was correct, I only had 5 PSI, I shimmed under pressure regulator until I had 10 PSI at idle and around 35 to 40 PSI at around 3000 rpm. I guess this sounds good to me but I'd like to know for sure. Thanks
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800 s oil pressure question Empty
PostSubject: Re: 800 s oil pressure question   800 s oil pressure question EmptyWed Apr 03, 2013 9:11 pm

I don't know what is normal idle oil pressure is for the 800. Though oil pressure is a result of the resistance of oil flow past the bearings, lifters and such. Oil pumps generally don't fail and the regulator valve is to prevent excessive oil pressure during cold engine operations and excessive RPM. If you have a low pressure issue that means you have excessive clearance on bearings or an internal oil leak from the pressure side of the pump. Don't worry to much about pressure. Flow is much more important. New technology is going with much thinner oils and more precise tolorances between moving parts. Again, flow of oil is much more important than pressure. This is just a Technician's view anyhow..
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800 s oil pressure question
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