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 2010 RZR S 800.....Code 21 Help

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2010 RZR S 800.....Code 21 Help Empty
PostSubject: 2010 RZR S 800.....Code 21 Help   2010 RZR S 800.....Code 21 Help EmptySun May 04, 2014 9:36 pm

Was riding today on the west side of royal blue. While heading down Norma road my rzr started missing badly and check engine light came on. I pulled over and shut it off then restarted and it ran fine for couple miles then started again. We stopped checked and cleared the code then once again an fine for a little while before missing. What was strange is it will not miss while sitting and revving up and at one point it died and would not restart until I put it fully in park. I have read that this is a general "loss of synchronation" code and some say it's the crank sensor, which happened to be a connector we did not check on the trail. My first start will be to pull the bed and begin checking all the connectors.

Anyone had this issue or any knowledge of what/where to begin? Curious as to why it seems to go away for a little while then come back and does not miss in neutral. My shift cable/linkage doesn't seem to have any excess play and all the gears show correctly on the dash. Any input would be appreciated!

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2010 RZR S 800.....Code 21 Help
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