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 Ain’t UTube Great? Listen Up Folks!!!

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Ain’t UTube Great?  Listen Up Folks!!! Empty
PostSubject: Ain’t UTube Great? Listen Up Folks!!!   Ain’t UTube Great?  Listen Up Folks!!! EmptyThu Sep 01, 2011 12:22 pm

The creation of UTube has allowed the idiots out there to easily demonstrate to the entire world just how stupid they really are, some of it can be damn funny at times but unfortunately that’s not what I’m about to share. Instead, it is an example of how to shoot 55 million+ motorized recreational enthusiasts in the foot with one shot.

The following video has the negative attention of nearly the entire OHV Community and has become the poster child of a current campaign by Tread Lightly! who are attempting to educate people about the effects that this sort of behavior has on the future of our sport.

Forget the brand involved and the fact that it’s a UTV/SXS for now, but remember the ammunition this sort of $hit gives anti-access groups, the NFS, BLM and others! When your favorite play area finally closes, if it hasn’t already, you have folks like the one in the video below to thank.

This casts a REALLY BAD light on SXS/UTV folks and the entire OHV Community in general. Those among us who have fought for decades to preserves access for all motorized recreationists take personal offense to thoughtless actions like those depicted!!

If anyone knows who these losers are I’d suggest you report them to authorities or at least have a discussion with them personally about their actions before they and other 1% ‘ers like them screw it up even further for everyone!!!

Here’s a whole library of their UTube antics, take note of the “handles” they used to upload the videos, perhaps they will serve to help trigger somebody’s memory!,or.r_gc.r_pw
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Ain’t UTube Great? Listen Up Folks!!!
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