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 $5 Wheel Bearing Greaser

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$5 Wheel Bearing Greaser Empty
PostSubject: $5 Wheel Bearing Greaser   $5 Wheel Bearing Greaser EmptySat Dec 10, 2016 2:13 pm

Doing a little maintenance to my buggy and I wanted to grease the wheel bearings. Being impatient and not wanting to wait on a bearing greaser, I went to Advanced Auto parts and found a needle greaser for around $5 and thought I would give it a shot. here is what I found

Needle Greaser
$5 Wheel Bearing Greaser Image1_zpsucpchfgg

I found it would bend easy so you have to work with it. I found that it would press in next to the race
$5 Wheel Bearing Greaser Image2_zpsfeothd16

And it was better to put the spindle back in the hub and go in from the inside. This would allow it to grease the top and bottom bearing
$5 Wheel Bearing Greaser Image3_zps7yxspzrj

Once you work it past the seal it worked well enough to force grease out both sides
$5 Wheel Bearing Greaser Image5_zps0oildipo

So if you want to grease your wheel bearings cheep give it a try
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$5 Wheel Bearing Greaser Empty
PostSubject: Re: $5 Wheel Bearing Greaser   $5 Wheel Bearing Greaser EmptyMon Dec 12, 2016 1:42 pm

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$5 Wheel Bearing Greaser
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