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 More of the WORLD we live in

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More of the WORLD we live in Empty
PostSubject: More of the WORLD we live in   More of the WORLD we live in EmptyWed Jun 14, 2017 8:55 pm

VIDEO: Lexington Police Fight Man On ‘Serenity’

Lexington, KY – Two police officers in Lexington ended up in an unexpected brawl with a zombie when a man went from calm to face-eating in no time flat, all thanks to the drug “Serenity.” The incident was captured on video (below.)

Just after 5:30 PM on Friday, officers responded to 404 West New Circle Rd for a report of a man on the ground, according to Lexington Herald Leader.

Officers found the man with three others who were all overdosing on a synthetic marijuana called Serenity. However, the scene was far from serene.

While medics were checking on the man down, officers were talking with another subject who was also overdosing on Serenity. The video shows that the man appeared fine at first, and then suddenly he transformed into a zombie.

Mouth open wide, he went after the officers. Completely freaked the heck out, officers let go of him and created distance. Both officers then deployed their tasers and the man smashed his head through the convenience store window.

He still wasn’t done though. Like something out of The Walking Dead TV show, the man continued to crawl toward deputies with his mouth open. Both officers attempted to drive stun him, to no effect.

Finally, the man collapsed and the officers were able to take him into custody.

All four overdosed subject were hospitalized and survived.

Synthetic marijuana like Serenity should be avoided by even heavy drug users The drug is created by spraying synthetic chemicals on organic material, and there’s no telling what chemicals may have been used.

Serenity is not FDA approved.

You can see the video of the zombie fight below. The zombie transformation occurs about 30 seconds in. Warning – May be disturbing to some viewers:

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More of the WORLD we live in
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