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 New MSD for 09 Teryx came in today...

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New MSD for 09 Teryx came in today... Empty
PostSubject: New MSD for 09 Teryx came in today...   New MSD for 09 Teryx came in today... EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 10:05 pm

Don't get excited, just my prototype came in today.

My job is to use the software and evaluate it to see what changes need to be made and I already made a couple.

What I can tell you is after looking at what the software will do, it is the most advanced ignition/fuel controller I have seen.

FYI, I got the ignition/fuel controller too not just software.

There are about ten different engine variables you can look at in gauge form or in table form.

There is a fuel table much like a power commander for fuel and spark.

My favorite gauge is the engine timing gauge, it actually tells you the advance at any particular time.

There is a trim function so you will be able to adjust each cylinder separately.

One gauge I ask for today and they said no problem was a injector duty cycle so you will know how far you can push a injector before you need a larger one for those big bore kits.

Just thought of something, it has a speed limiter not based on engine RPM rev but based on speed so if you want to limit it to any particular speed on any of the ten curves you can. Of course it has a adjustable rev limiter too.

I don't want to start a argument no one can defend except for someone who has the software and unit but I like this unit much better than the power commander with separate ignition, the Rhino MSD software and unit plus the price will be much less too.

As soon as I can get it on the vehicle and some time on it I will give you guys some full details.
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New MSD for 09 Teryx came in today... Empty
PostSubject: Re: New MSD for 09 Teryx came in today...   New MSD for 09 Teryx came in today... EmptyWed Jul 15, 2009 9:01 am

Good deal Todd !!

2 things I like to be full: gas tanks and details. :D
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New MSD for 09 Teryx came in today...
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