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 Ride Tech Air Suspension

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PostSubject: Ride Tech Air Suspension   Ride Tech Air Suspension EmptyTue Mar 09, 2010 8:59 pm

Ride Tech Air Suspension systems – Now for UTVs!

Ride Tech pretty much owns the specialty car air suspension market and now they are making a big move into the UTV market.

They had a Ranger with a 750lb blower motor loaded in the rear. With the press of a button the air suspension dumped its air and dropped the heavy load to a low rider position and equally as impressive it hopped back into position and automatically leveled itself. Thats right, it can tell if the vehicle is more heavily loaded front or rear and level the load in seconds.

Ride Tech has several packages available for UTVs.

1: Full system with air tank, compressors, load leveling electronics and air bags and shocks.

2: Basic compressor, no tank, air bags and shocks

3: Their air bags, your shocks. Spring replacement.

All of these are great setups and it depends on what you are doing that will determine which setup you want.

If you are hauling really heavy loads regularly then setup #1 is for you. Quick and easy adjustment for just about any load you can imagine. Now for my RZR S I’m thinking I want #3. I really like the action on my stock Fox shocks but manually adjusting springs is a PIA. In Borneo the load changed a lot and I would have killed to change the suspension at the push of a button. With Air Ride I can simply replace the springs and keep my favorite shocks. Then I would have instantly adjustable springs to deal with load changes.

UTVs are the perfect platform for air suspensions. Our loads change often. Sometimes dramatically at the same time the terrain is changing.

Checkout RideTech -

Ride Tech Air Suspension Sany1650Ride Tech Air Suspension Sany1652

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PostSubject: Re: Ride Tech Air Suspension   Ride Tech Air Suspension EmptyWed Mar 10, 2010 10:26 am

I've been checking these out....very kewl set up.
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Ride Tech Air Suspension
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