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 Tire Bead Buster

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PostSubject: Tire Bead Buster   Tire Bead Buster EmptyThu Dec 02, 2010 5:18 pm

Bead Buster, Jack Operated - $20

Virtually any sport that requires a trailer to get your toys to the play area can benefit from this simple tool, it will save the best trip and the best days riding, by providing a simple means to change a tire without damage to rim, or requiring many bulky tools. This tool belongs in every truck/hauler as it will work in the field or at home when the tire store is not an option, it works on your trailer tires, 4X4 tires, jeep, sand rail, lawn mower, etc. but the big deal is it works on a stock sport atv aluminum rim that is original, and I have never seen anything as stubborn at that. You must have a trailer jack for this item to work, it doesn't work on a bumper jack. I have never dented a rim using this tool, it is much easier than using the portable lever action tools on the market and it's 1/3 the cost of the cheapest ones.

The tire and rim lay flat on the ground below the trailer jack after the JOBB is pinned to your jack in the up position. Crank the jack down to meet the bead/rim area, kick the tire/rim tight to the lip of the bead buster and crank the jack down while watching the bead buster. As the tire is pushed down, slip your tire tools on either side of the bead buster and crank the jack up and get another "bite" on the bead. this process will need to be repeated three or four times on an original tire as few as twice for a car tire or tire that has been replaced.

Once one side is broke down, flip the tire and work on the other side. Use in grassy/dirt areas to avoid scratches to the rim or use an old piece of carpet to protect your rim from the ground.

Works with round jacks.
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Tire Bead Buster
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