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 New clutch sound??

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New clutch sound?? Empty
PostSubject: New clutch sound??   New clutch sound?? EmptyMon Jan 24, 2011 4:01 pm

Ok so I took the rhino out for its first ride in awhile and I noticed that when its under a mild to hard pull I have a noise that sounds like your shaking your key ring or something like a "chinging" sound... It never got worse or felt sluggish but one time when I shifted from reverse to low it didnt engage until I had given it gas alittle and then it took off. At higher speeds (25+mph) no sound at all. What do you guys think I'm facing here. Oh and its an 08 700 with about 1900 mi.
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New clutch sound?? Empty
PostSubject: Re: New clutch sound??   New clutch sound?? EmptyMon Jan 24, 2011 11:58 pm

If its been seting for awhile and was not making a noise when parked my guess would be a Mouse made a nest in behind the clutch cover. Check the shift linkage also.The bolt been known to back off.
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New clutch sound??
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