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 Bugfaster BC800 GT

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PostSubject: Bugfaster BC800 GT   Bugfaster BC800 GT EmptySun May 01, 2011 3:09 pm

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When tested the utility four-wheel drive buggy Bugfaster BC500 GT, equipped with a 500-cc engine and transmission from CFMOTO, we agreed that the unit is, of course, makes it very much, but 33 liters. with. at 450 kg dry weight - not the best ratio. Now the Russian distributor, the company is "Buggy Center offers 800-cube version, in an asset which 55 liters. with. at 520 kg dry weight

Bugfaster BC800 GT 0341ec6432304d8483a85cd

C-800 GT - a logical continuation of a family of utility buggy. From familiar to all UTV these machines characterized by a long base, fairly large width, low center of gravity, the total lack overhangs and long-travel suspension. Design of new Bugfaster'a remained the same - aggressive, but light and airy. This buggy all on open display - before any unit can be freely accessible. The engine immediately attracts attention - it's almost "seamless» Rotax 800, commonly known to fans Can-Am Outlander. On assurances of a Chinese manufacturer of 95% of internal engine parts are interchangeable with the original Austrian motor. Transmission also commands respect - powerful gear look, perhaps a bit too massive. Together with the engine and fuel tank has grown - its capacity is about 35 liters. Already in the basic unit boasts 14-inch alloy wheels and a relatively good 26-second rubber. Suspension design, familiar enough - the powerful rear trailing arms and front dvuhrychazhka. As the elastic elements used in optional shock absorbers with large compensatory sideburns, adjustable preload springs and pumping air. Inside, a new dashboard. Instead of boring plastic plates developed by "Ultimate Center" tidy with analog speedometer and tachometer, fuel level sensor, engine temperature, voltmeter, and a number of tumblers. Looks presentable and interesting than has occurred in previous models of plastic products. Modes of transmission switch fairly large dials that are convenient to operate even with thick gloves. Inside, you feel like home - there is a roof over your head around - powerful bumpers, all controls are conveniently located. Sports seat with developed lateral support reliably captures the body and give him a four-point seat belts, which, when properly adjusted will not fall out when the coup. Seat is adjustable only in length, which is a pity, because I would like to see more and adjustment of the backrest. However, the range is enough to accommodate tall drivers. Steering wheel is height adjustable, while changing the angle of inclination. Under the right hand - pen mode of transmission and "hammer", which in fact can only be used as a parking. There is also a rear-view mirror - "In-salon" and side, and In-salon is purely fake character as from considerable vibration in it can not see anything. But give the side the picture is quite adequate and very useful when driving in reverse, because wear your back is not to look. To run the engine at Bugfaster BC 800, one must first make sure that the "emergency" switch off the fuel supply is set to "ON" and then click on the large aluminum start button. BC-800 engine growls pleasantly distinctive V-twin sound. Gas buggy reacts sharp leap forward, with all 4 wheels slipping on snow-covered road test site, and then - even, but it sure set the rate. Obviously, the maximum torque of the motor tried to shift into a zone of low and medium speed, because "at the top" engine special pryti not shown. This is evidenced by the nature of dispersal: first jump, then smooth acceleration. Through the intricacies of pipe frame edge of the eye can see sweeping movement of suspension arms, with all the bumps are dissolved in its depths, unable to get to the "fifth point". Buggy is very sensitive to movement of the wheel - here for just 1.5 turns from lock to lock, so you can manage them with a sweeping hand slides without interception. On rear wheel drive on slippery road should be extremely careful - a little too far with the gas and the rear wheels immediately overtake the front. At full drive situation is different. Speed ​​in turns increases and the machine more accurately should be behind the wheel and gas. Unfortunately, jumps on the track was not observed, so the jump was not possible, but it can be assumed that the jumping - it's not a problem for omnivorous suspension, long wheelbase and width will help preserve stability. Several times, when you make mistakes in the corners, put their car on the icy tall parapets. On the integrity of the wheels and the suspension is not affected, but the beautiful fiberglass fenders we have not said thank you, split the field in the attachment. Well at least that the replacement cost of the wings are not afraid (about 1400 rubles).. However, losing none of the wing and did not work - they are fun fluttered in the wind. Patency to fully appreciate the failed, although the snow dragon teeth BC 800 GT jumps quite briskly. The absence of overhangs allows buggy to climb and descend with almost vertical cliffs, the long wheelbase and width will not allow it to turn over. On the other hand, these same qualities degrade the geometric cross-country, so if you shine the opportunity to sit on its belly, the buggy only one solution - go to the course. Capsize risk is minimal, and maybe jump over obstacles. Long-travel suspension resists diagonal hanging until the last buggy is almost always on the wheels. In an extreme case of four-wheel drive and locking rear differential rescue. Buggy - a whole field for tuning, custom items, and various alterations. This uses the "Ultimate Center". The guys offer their machines for a wide list of options, such as windshield, stretch the body, tow bar, spare tire with a special bracket. On the test instance was installed LED "chandelier" power 120 watts. In the dark, unable to estimate, but assert that the luminous flux is equivalent to 3-m xenon searchlight. Also available a wide list of works to enhance the frame: boil bolting the frame, amplified "door" openings, behind the seats Welded Cross, which increases the rigidity of the power cells, amplified instruments and mounting of shock absorbers. With these modifications BC 800 GT is ready for serious testing, however the price in this case will be over 600 000 against 499 in the basic configuration.

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PostSubject: Re: Bugfaster BC800 GT   Bugfaster BC800 GT EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 9:35 pm

Did we all miss this.... I know I did. Kinda kewl machine.....sorry Marty, I don't know how this got by me!
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PostSubject: Re: Bugfaster BC800 GT   Bugfaster BC800 GT EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 10:36 pm

Foxfire wrote:
Did we all miss this.... I know I did. Kinda kewl machine.....sorry Marty, I don't know how this got by me!

Yeah I missed it too. It looks cool. However, I think you would get a little muddy if you were to ride that thing on our trials.....

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Bugfaster BC800 GT Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bugfaster BC800 GT   Bugfaster BC800 GT Empty

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Bugfaster BC800 GT
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