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PostSubject: Re: windshields   windshields - Page 2 EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 9:20 am

Polaris Lock-n-Ride windshield is the most scratch resistant one I have seen yet. I am not sure what the material is, but if you could get a sheet of it and make a folding windshield with the EMP quick release clamps you would have the ultimate, IMO. The J-Strong folding windshield scratches the first time you use it. It is very tough, but clouded up. The only thing that helped was using PLASTIX cleaner from Macguires. Pate, you are right, the Yamaha windshield resists scratches very well. I have been impressed how well Ronnie's has held up too.

My Hunterworks windshield is over two years old and it still looks like glass. There are some scratches in it but you can't help that. Clayboy had one on his 07 Blue Rhino and I had the J Strong folding. I could not believe how clear it was compared to my new J Strong and Clay's windshield was over a year old.

So I went the next week and bought one.
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PostSubject: windshield   windshields - Page 2 EmptyThu Aug 12, 2010 9:47 am

Cool, Thanks for all the info on the J-strong. I'll checkout the HW. My biggest concern with the dash custom is the vibration and flex it has. As far as cleaning I found that pledge wipes work really well and smell good too.
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