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 Tire Size

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PostSubject: Re: Tire Size   Tire Size - Page 2 EmptyWed Jan 19, 2011 8:28 am

Hmm, Yes ky col its great to be able to pick these guys brains that have so much experience! Wv yank. its interesting to hear you talk bout unsprung weight cause w what i used to do we loved unsprung weight for stability and getting power to the ground(of course most of gettin power to the ground is in supsension) We'd put motors down and back as far as we cld and w rockwells and 44's most of the weight was below the susension. We also didnt have to worry about power-weight ratio w v-8's These sxs's being so light I can see how that is a big factor. Although(LOL), I do think power-weight ratio is one of the sxs's strongest points and a huge reason they do so well so im not sure how adding a little weight for larger tires will noticeably hurt the power. I may weigh my spare rear tire/wheel and try to find out what a beadlock and a 28 or 39 wld weigh. I want to know how much weight i'd actually be adding???
Again, thxs guys for all ur input!! allright
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Tire Size
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