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 Teryx 4 vs. RZR 800

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Teryx 4 vs. RZR 800 Empty
PostSubject: Teryx 4 vs. RZR 800   Teryx 4 vs. RZR 800 EmptySat Jan 28, 2012 10:00 pm

OK, I know from last year testing the T4 the results between the RZR4 800 and Teryx 4, I never got to see acceleration tests between the T4 and a regular RZR 800.......
1st I'm not bashing or gloating here, just passing along info. this is a standard 50 inch RZR 800 2 seater not the 4 and you see the results, the RZR did have driver an passenger in it, but still had a HUGE weight advantage. Kawasaki worked many hours getting the clutch and engine tuning right on the T4........